Privacy Policy

Information Collected

Your email address and username are the only required pieces of private information that we collect which we use to refer to you and contact you.

You determine the publicity of any of the information you provide to us.

Access logs containing IP addresses and requested data paths like URLs are collected for security and system monitoring.

Data Retention

Account data is only kept as long as your account exists.

Many services contain an "Expiry" setting to determine an upper limit for how long data is kept.

Access logs are kept for 60 days.

Notice: Because of the multi-party nature of communications, other users participating or observing conversations or content you publish on this site or its services may keep logs or archives of it for any period of time.

To request a copy of all data associated with your account, please contact us here.

Data Removal

Any data associated with your account, with the exception of your username, will be deleted when you delete your account. Your username will be kept in the database for the same length of time as our access logs (60 days), preventing others from registering it, before it will be removed and others will be able to register it again.

For any additional requests to remove data, please contact us here.

Third Parties

We do not share any data with any third parties except in the case of a legal request from a court of Canada.

If legally permitted, we will let you know if your data was requested.