Code of Conduct

Platform Goals

The intended purpose of this site and its services is to be a place where people can come together and discuss a variety of topics in a variety of respectful ways. People should be able to choose what they participate in and when they chip in with different opinions, knowledge, and ideas.

Overall, we want this to be a mostly happy community where everyone can make some friends but still have a place to rant about some buggy software, let their feelings out after a day of life, or discuss more controversial topics.


This is a rather new place so we'll keep it to that for now. Further guidelines, especially those involving technical restrictions, may be added as necessary. We shall see how this community progresses and take whatever measures necessary to make sure it goes the way we desire.


This code of conduct applies to all members, administrators and moderators included, on this site and its services.


To report problematic behaviour, ask any questions about these guidelines, or offer comments or suggestions, please refer to the contact page.