Ergo is an IRC server for communication. It is hosted on the subdomain and comes with a built-in bouncer to keep message history, integrated services, and IP cloaking.

Service Information


A web-based IRC client, gamja, is hosted on See its help page for more infomation.

Most clients should work well with Ergo. Check the list here for many options.

Connect over TLS on host and port 6697. Use SASL authentication with the same username and password that you registered with.

See the Ergo Userguide for more information and links to other guides (note that you do not need to register your account with NickServ).


You can join a channel with /join #channel-name. Note that if everyone leaves a channel, it disappears, and if you are the only one in the channel you are/can become an operator in it. To keep your channel and its settings through server restarts and users leaving, register it with ChanServ like so:

/msg ChanServ register #channel-name

The userguide linked above mentions registering channels which you can do on our server.

The only official channel is #cats which you can join by typing /join #cats in your IRC client. The webchat automatically connects you to this channel.

Message History

Ergo has been configured to store message history in RAM for a period of 1 month. There are also specific limits for different history protocols and leave/join messages, but 1 month is the global limit.

If you use a client which supports some of the more modern IRC protocols you may not have to configure anything. When you connect, you should be able to see messages while you were gone. Depending on your client, you may have had to connect at least once before receiving history.

For older clients, you can enable always-on for your user with /msg NickServ set always-on true. Note that this has other side-effects like showing you always connected to the server and open to direct messages.

Check out the History section of the Ergo Userguide for complete information, and do not hesitate to ask questions in #cats.

More Help

Ergo has a detailed User Guide which includes references to, and information about, the IRC protocol and Ergo itself.